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Fatty liver can be reversible!

Watching a video with Dr. Jason Fung. He mentioned that he thinks that insulin resistance causes fatty liver so if you get rid of insulin resistance by changing your diet in return decreasing the fat in your body your fatty liver could decrease in size. […]

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Frequent vivid dreams on keto?

Anyone else having frequent vivid dreams on keto? Lately I’ve been having frequent & very vivid dreams (3-4 per week) where I can recall the whole dream. Before keto I could only remember small portions of my dreams. I have been doing some research online […]

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Keto rash & fatty liver?

Just curious about something. If anyone out there on #keto that has/had a bad #ketorash also had have a #fattyliver? I keep hearing online that any thing to do with the skin (rashes) chances are it has to do with the liver. I do have […]

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